11. Hardware Tests

11. Hardware Tests

Various aspects of system memory and hardware interfaces can be tested here for system diagnosis and verification, such as LCD display, SRAM, and serial ports to console and pipe chamber.  All routines are self-explanatory.

Enter the Power Up Programming Sequence as instructed in Power Up Programming Overview.  ‘Increment’ with key 3 to 11. Hardware Tests and ‘enter’ with key 8.  The LCD will display “Hardware Tests” and “LCD”

Use keys 2&3 to select and key 8 to enter.IF LCD test, a form of all blocks on and all blocks off should cycle for visual test.

If SRAM, hold key 8 until Pass/Fail appears.

If Clear SRAM, wait for memory to be erased at which time the display will go back to 1. Input Card Address Assignments to start the programming sequence from scratch.  This is potentially a non-reversible condition in the CPU version.

If Serial ports, then select console or chamber and hit and hold key 8 to start and run test.  If console, hold key 8 until Pass/Fail is indicated on LCD.  If chamber, hold key 8 until LCD changes back to serial port selection.  If notes are heard from the pipe chamber circuit boards, then test failed, else test passed.

Key 1 will exit or escape and the LCD will return with 12. A to D.

Download the full PDF Powerup Programming Document.