8. MIDI-CPx Upgrade

8. MIDI-CPx Upgrade

Musical Instrument Digital Interface is embedded in the system in the form of MIDI stops and MIDI volume.

The MIDI Stops option is required to be wired to Stops1 Input card address assignment, and has to be assigned or captured in this routine. This Stops Mask Assignment is a group capture or snapshot (subset) of the 64 input pins assigned to Stops1 that are wired to MIDI stops.

The MIDI volume is assigned in 12. AtoD–CPx Upgrade.

Enter the Power Up Programming Sequence as instructed in Power Up Programming Overview. ‘Increment’ with key 3 to 8. MIDI and ‘enter’ with key 8. The LCD will display “M.A. MIDI Stops”.

  The LCD will display a line for what has been stored in memory and an active line for what stop actions are physically on. This is done with a number for the total number of pins followed by a S1-xx number which indicates the lowest pin number of this mask assignment subset of Stops1(S1). To capture the MIDI stops mask assignment, physically turn on all MIDI stops at the same time. You will see the total number on followed by the S1-xx. To see all of the xx pin numbers that are part of this active total, use key 5. ‘Enter’ the active stops into memory by using key 8, this changes the memory line to look exactly like the active line. To see or verify all of the xx pin numbers that are part of this memory total, use key 3.

When the memory line reads exactly as the active line, exit or escape with key 1 and the LCD will return to 9. C.A. Fields.

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