9. C.A. Fields

9. C.A. Fields

Pistons can act on any or all of the input pins that have been programmed as couplers, stops, and/or MIDI stops in the previous PUP sequences, 6. Define Couplers, 7. Stop Programming, and 8. MIDI, respectively. The pistons now need to be told which of these inputs to act on. Some names for this process include: scope, range, mask, subset, or field. This is the process of defining a ‘general’ or ‘divisional’ piston (pistons 1-128) as well as what will reverse with a ‘reversible’ and what will cancel with a ‘programmable cancel’.

In this routine the pistons and stop actions act just as they would in ML1 as a ‘capture’ combination action.

Enter the Power Up Programming Sequence as instructed in Power Up Programming Overview. ‘Increment’ with key 3 to 9. C.A. Fields and ‘enter’ with key 8. The LCD will display “C.A. Fields”.

  The LCD does not need to display anything. Hit any piston to physically display the field in memory, that is the stop actions will move. Capture a field by hand registering the field, hold the Set piston in and hit the desired piston. Cancel all stop actions with the General Cancel. When setting a reversible, there are two aspects to this process, setting the ‘On’ side and setting the ‘Off’ side. When the LCD is blank except for the C.A. Fields on the top line, setting a reversible is setting the ‘On’ side. By default, the ‘Off’ side is set at the same time as setting the ‘On’ side. If additional stops actions are desired on the ‘Off’ side, select key 5 (or 6, see note below) to access the B. Rev. Off side which is indicated on the LCD. Now ‘capture’ the ‘Off’ side, the ‘On’ side will not change. Key 5 (or 6, see note below) can be toggled at any time.

Key 1 will exit or escape and the LCD will return with 10. Memory Configuration.

NOTE: To access the B.Rev. Off in the CPx Upgrade, use key5, else use key 6.

NOTE: Use key 6 to clear all combination action fields, this choice is only available in the CPx Upgrade.

NOTE: Reversibles to not reverse, they only show what will reverse when returning to ML1.

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